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Podotherapy Berghem

GHC in the old town hall
Mayor of Erpstraat 4
5351 AW Berghem

0412 623 625

Opening hours
Monday to Friday - 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday and Sunday - closed

Podiatry in Berghem

We welcome you to our leading podiatry practice in Berghem, where foot health is a priority. Our dedicated team of expert podiatrists are ready to provide you with high-quality care and tailor-made treatments aimed at relieving foot complaints and improving your overall foot health.

Personal care for your feet

At our podiatry practice we understand that everyone has unique feet. We embrace customization and personal attention. Our experienced podiatrists will work closely with you to understand your medical history, analyze your symptoms and design an individual treatment plan that perfectly suits your specific needs and lifestyle.

Precise diagnoses with advanced technology

We use modern technologies, such as advanced 3D foot scans and thorough biomechanical analyses, to make accurate diagnoses. By using these advanced diagnostic tools, we can dig deeper into the underlying causes of your foot problems and apply targeted treatment methods.

Treated a broad spectrum of foot complaints

Our skilled podiatrists in Berghem are experienced in tackling a wide range of foot complaints. From everyday discomforts such as corns, calluses and ingrown toenails to more complex conditions such as flat feet, heel spurs and hallux valgus, we offer targeted solutions for all your foot-related concerns.

Collaboration with healthcare providers for complete recovery

At our practice, we strongly believe in a holistic approach to healthcare. We work closely with general practitioners, physiotherapists and other medical professionals in Berghem to ensure that you receive comprehensive and coordinated care. This collaboration maximizes your recovery process.

Regain your mobility, improve your quality of life

Our ultimate goal is not only to relieve foot complaints, but also to restore your overall mobility and increase your quality of life. Whether you are an active athlete looking to improve your performance, resume daily activities without discomfort, or simply enjoy life in Berghem, we are here to support you.

Make an appointment today

We invite you to make an appointment today at our podiatry practice in Berghem. Your feet deserve the best possible care, and our experienced team is ready to help you on your path to optimal foot comfort and well-being. Contact us and discover how we can promote your foot health so you can continue living a comfortable and active life.

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